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What do I need to use RedSpec TGX shaders?
The shaders were designed to work solely with OctaneRender and its corresponding plug-ins.
Since OctaneRender is just an external renderer you'll also need a host application from which you can then forward your scene to rendering.
All shaders were designed to be used with DAZ3D's figures and characters (like Victoria 4, Michael 6 etc.) which is one of the reasons why we're exclusively supporting the Poser and DAZ Studio plug-ins.
What is the difference between the shaders available here and those on DAZ3D.com?
While the shaders offered through our own store are designed to work with any figure/character of the corrresponding figure-family (read Millennium 4, Genesis, Genesis 2 or Genesis 3), the shaders available through our store-front at DAZ3D.com were meant to exclusively work with the figures/characters they were specifically created for. They will not work correctly with other figures / characters.
Is there a manual / tutorial available showing how to apply / work with the shader?
Of course!
With every purchase you're getting a 15+-page illustrated quick-start-guide which will show you how to apply and work with the shaders in your respective host application.
If you prefer a video tutorial, we have one available below, that shows you how to apply the shader inside DAZ Studio on a Genesis 2 Female based figure. The same technic applies to every other shader developed to work in DAZ Studio.

Are you planning to develop more shaders for other host applications in the future?
Although we're always open to expand our portfolio to other applications as well, we're currently only supporting Poser and DAZ Studio and their corresponding OctaneRender plug-ins.
Another thing we're currently looking into is porting our shaders to nVidia's iRay technology.
I'm a character artist for Poser / DAZ Studio and would like a custom shader developed for one of my characters, is this possible?
In the past we've worked with several published artists at DAZ3D.com to design custom character-enhancement-packages to bring out the best of their products inside OctaneRender.
An example would be our collaboration with Raiya on her character Liu Yan.

Please contact us through sales"at"redspec-sss"dot""com" for this.