RedSpec TGX Hair for DAZ Studio

RedSpec TGX goodness - Now also for hair!
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  • Requires DAZ Studio Pro 4.9 or DAZ Studio Pro 4.10 .
  • 32 and 64bit are both supported
  • Furthermore a working and fully licensed version of the OCTANERENDER FOR DAZ STUDIO PLUG-IN Version 3.8x or above needs to be installed. The shaders will not work in version 1.x of the plug-in
  • A basic understanding of OctaneRenders node system and structure is required, in order to customize the shader.

RedSpec goodness - finally, also for hair! - Tired for painstakingly tweaking hair material settings inside OctaneRender? These times are over! For just 19,99 € you now get a dedicated RedSpec shader suite developed specifically for all transmapped hair figures and props. The special part about it is, that you can apply it to any existing hair figure or prop, that you already own, independently from the figure it was developed for, as long as it comes with a diffuse and bump map. We even developed a special function called auto-displacement (beta), that improves geometry fidelity of lower-res hair figures and props, by utilizing displacement map technology.

  • This shader is specifically tailored towards Transmapped hair figures and props it will not work on other characters / figures
  • This package includes preset files for OctaneRender for DAZ Studio only
What you'll get with your purchase:
  • One DAZ Studio .duf-file to apply the shader and the auto-displacement shader to hair figures / props of your choice.
  • An 15+ multi-page illustrated quick-start-guide
  • Support through our Homepage, Skype and E-Mail
Supported Figures / Props: All transmapped hair figures / props